Relationship Advice for Women: From Rekindling Romance to Finding Self-Love

relationship advice for women

Relationship advice for women includes understanding and communicating their needs, setting boundaries, and maintaining independence. It is important for women to prioritize their own well-being and not solely rely on their partner for happiness. Additionally, recognizing red flags and addressing issues in a timely manner can prevent larger problems in the future. It is also … Read more

Real Self and Ideal Self: Humanistic Psychology Explained

real self and ideal self

The real self is a person’s true identity, composed of all their traits, qualities, thoughts and feelings. It is unique to each individual and derived from their life experiences. Conversely, the ideal self is a conceptualized version of one’s best self: the individual they aspire to be. This may involve physical, mental, emotional and social … Read more

Platonic Intimacy: An Essential Guide to Building Lasting Connections

platonic intimacy

Platonic intimacy is a close friendship that focuses on emotional connection and mutual understanding without the expectation of physical or sexual contact. It is characterized by an open, honest and supportive relationship built on genuine care, commitment and trust between two people. This type of intimate relationship helps foster self-growth, personal development, and feelings of … Read more

Practical Marriage Goals to Create a Lasting Relationship

marriage goals

Marriage goals are an important tool for couples to strengthen their relationship and stay on track. Establishing both short term and long term goals in your marriage provides an effective way to stay focused on what matters most to both partners, creating a strong foundation for a healthy and successful relationship. Short term goals may … Read more

True Friendship: Exploring the Dynamics & Qualities That Bond Us Together

true friendship

True friendship is a deep, lasting bond between two or more individuals that is built on mutual trust, admiration, and respect. Characteristics of true friendship include offering emotional support, mutual understanding and compassion, respect for each other’s opinions, shared laughter and joy, honesty and loyalty. True friends are there to enjoy life’s successes and sorrows … Read more

Navigating Complicated Relationships: Tips for Healthy Boundaries

complicated relationship

As a transformational coach, I understand the difficulties and complexities of navigating complicated relationships. Whether it is a friend, family member, or romantic partner, establishing healthy boundaries can be a key factor in creating a successful relationship. In this blog post, I will provide expert tips on how to set and maintain boundaries to ensure … Read more