Top 33 Root Chakra Journal Prompts

root chakra journal prompts

In order to cultivate a strong foundation and sense of stability in our lives, it is crucial to connect with our root chakra. In this blog post, I will share with you the top 33 root chakra journal prompts, allowing you to dive deep within and gain valuable insights about your foundations, security, and basic … Read more

Top 50 Empowering and Healing Root Chakra Affirmations

root chakra affirmations

As a transformational coach, I understand the vital importance of finding balance and stability in our lives. These top 50 root chakra affirmations will help you ground yourself, find calm amidst chaos, and establish a sense of stability that will ripple through every aspect of your life. Join me on this transformative journey as we … Read more

Earth Star Chakra: Embrace Abundance and Find Your Place

earth star chakra

The Earth Star chakra, also known as the super root chakra, is not physically located within the human body like other chakras. Instead, it is positioned approximately 6-12 inches below the feet, connecting individuals directly to the Earth. Serving as a grounding point, it helps in anchoring the entire chakra system to the earth’s core … Read more

Shakti Energy Awakening: Embracing the Divine Feminine

shakti energy awakening

Shakti energy awakening involves the deliberate cultivation of internal and external awareness. This process requires a conscious focus on the body and the world around, acknowledging that everything within and without, from sensations to surroundings, is a manifestation of the divine feminine – the Shakti. By immersing oneself in this visualization, an individual can connect … Read more

7 Laws of Attraction to Manifest Your Dreams

7 laws of attraction

The 7 laws of attraction are guiding principles for individuals seeking to manifest their desires. These laws include The Law of Manifestation, The Law of Magnetism, The Law of Unwavering Desire, The Law of Delicate Balance, The Law of Harmony, The Law of Right Action, and The Law of Universal Influence. The law of attraction … Read more